Your Hair, Revived.

Since 2011, an all-natural product line that both rejuvenates hair growth and helps prevent future hair loss.

One Formula For All


Hair Growth Essentials

• Vitamins A, C, E
• B Vitamin Complex
• Niacinamide and Biotin

Hair Loss Prevention

• Saw Palmetto (Serenoa)
• Pygeum Africanum
• Zinc & Copper

Environmental Protection
• Ginkgo Biloba
• Green Tea
• Grape Seed
Without All The Junk

✖ Chemicals
✖ Drugs with unwanted side effects
✖ Excess biotin or added sugar




Here’s What Our Customers Say...

The following are real reviews from real HairXT customers! We thank you so much for your support!

I saw results in the first couple of weeks and my hair was shinier and thicker and I wasn’t losing it any more. I have much less hair in my drain and it's stayed thicker, easier to manage and healthier looking. HairXT has totally boosted my confidence.

Jennifer O.

I started using HairXT just a few months ago and my hair has not only grown at rapid pace, but it has also grown much fuller and longer.  I've tried others but none have worked so fast and so effectively. I would recommend this product to absolutely anyone!

Dana O.

This past Wednesday I went to have my hair cut and my hairdresser mentioned to me that she saw lots of new growth – and not just at my front hairline! I had not mentioned that I was taking anything!!


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Discover the HairXT Difference

If you're experiencing hair loss, thinning hair, or brittle and breaking strands, then you might be having a hard time knowing where to turn for help. Where can you find a natural hair growth supplement that actually does what it's supposed to do - without being overloaded with dangerous chemicals that can create dozens of potential side effects? And on top of that, who can you trust to take the impact of hair loss seriously, without writing it off as a frivolous concern?

You're in safe hands with HairXT. Our company was founded by a husband and wife duo who deeply understand the impact that hair loss can have on self-esteem and the need for solutions that encourage long-term, natural hair regrowth. After working for 15 years each in the high-end salon industry and the fitness and personal training industry respectively, the two decided to blend their passions and backgrounds to meet a need they had noticed for effective, all-natural hair growth supplements. The result is a powerful, carefully-balanced line of hair vitamins and serums that promote natural hair growth and strengthening. Our proprietary blends don't just regrow hair; they also strengthen existing hair and prevent hair loss in the first place.

With free shipping and our 90-day money-back guarantee, we make trying our hair growth solutions as risk-free as possible. So try it for yourself and join tens of thousands of satisfied customers who have who have experienced the difference that a full, healthy head of hair can make.