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Increases Hair Growth

Combats Thinning Hair

Allows for Maximum Absorption

For Both Men and Women

Fights DHT (The #1 Cause of Hairloss)

HairXT Hair Growth Supplement and Serum Kit
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How It Works

Our products use a 3-tier approach to help you regrow your hair, protect the hair you have, and prevent future hair loss


Our extended-release hair growth formula contains a full spectrum micronutrient complex that supports hair follicles so that your hair grows faster and fuller.


Both the HairXT Vitamins and Growth Serum contain an added layer of protection to shield your hair from environmental factors that can lead to weaker hair and more hair loss.


We use high grade Pygeum Africanum and Saw Palmetto in both products which are proven to combat hair loss in men and women.

“HairXT is formulated with nutrients that not only promote the health of your hair, but also benefits your overall health.

Many hair growth supplements on the market today contain exclusively or rely heavily on biotin (vitamin B7), and although biotin contributes to the health of your hair, true hair health comes from a combination of nutrients like that offered by HairXT that supports the overall health of your hair.”

Nikki Putnam Badding, MS, RDN

Ingredients that make your hair thrive.

Our comprehensive blend of over 15 all-natural, high-quality vitamins, minerals, and herbs are exactly what your body needs to protect and grow gorgeous hair.

Effective Results for Men and Women

I saw results in the first couple of weeks and my hair was shinier and thicker and I wasn’t losing it any more. I have much less hair in my drain and it's stayed thicker, easier to manage and healthier looking. HairXT has totally boosted my confidence.

Jennifer O.

I started using HairXT just a few months ago and my hair has not only grown at rapid pace, but it has also grown much fuller and longer.  I've tried others but none have worked so fast and so effectively. I would recommend this product to absolutely anyone!

Dana O.

This past Wednesday I went to have my hair cut and my hairdresser mentioned to me that she saw lots of new growth – and not just at my front hairline! I had not mentioned that I was taking anything!!