About Us


HairXT was launched in 2011 by a husband and wife duo from San Antonio, Texas. Their combined background in the high-end salon industry and personal training and nutrition, provided them a passion and collective education in how the body functions -- and how supplements can fill in nutritional gaps and correct imbalances. Each with over 15 years in their respective industries, they decided to combine forces to combat both hair loss and a huge pharma industry that had sprouted. They each knew the power of vitamins and supplements, so after carefully studying and researching various ingredients and their effect on hair growth, they identified a serious need in the market and developed a completely natural solution.

When it came time to identify a lab for testing and a manufacturer to produce the product, it was important to find U.S. partners with high safety standards and industry-leading manufacturing practices. The scientist needed to have expert knowledge on the individual ingredients and a clear understanding for how best to make them work in conjunction with each other. Once a scientist was identified, there were several prototypes and rounds of testing before HairXT was a fully developed product. Because the herbal extracts Saw Palmetto and Pygeum Africanum were essential to the effectiveness of HairXT and not all manufacturers had access to those ingredients, it took an extensive search to find a quality manufacturing partner that was able to source and integrate the herbal extracts. Once that piece came together and and the product was consistently achieving positive results, the founders knew they’d found the perfect formula!

In 2015, the male co-founder noticed his hair started to thin and later that year, he started using the very supplement he co-created. By September, he had his full head of hair back!