“I’ve always had very fine hair that I liked to keep in a short “pixie” style cut. So when I started losing my hair after my third child, it was shocking to me. HairXT has allowed me to keep the look I want with confidence.”

-Brooke R. - Massage Therapist. Bulverde, Tx.


“I'm a bit of a fitness nut, so taking supplements is something I'm used to, so I figured I'd give it a shot. My hair is thicker and I have more versatility in how I style it with no concern about thin spots showing. I would highly recommend HairXT to anyone dealing with thinning hair or wanting to get fuller, thicker hair without the use of any drug-based formulas.”

-Ralph Kelley - El Paso, Tx.


“A friend suggested these vitamins to me to help my difficult to grow hair. The results are fantastic. I would definitely recommend HairXT.”

-Kristin S. - Account Manager. Columbus, Oh.



“I’ve tried just about every hair product on the market, anything that screams ‘thickness’ or ’hair growth’ I’ve tried it all and I haven’t seen any difference until HairXT. I don’t know if my hair is thicker or if I actually have more of it because it is growing so fast but I can tell that whenever I’m putting my hair up to go workout, there is more there to put up and I can also do more with my hair.”

-Deanna S. - Self Employed. Boerne, Tx.


“I saw results in the first couple of weeks and my hair was shinier and thicker and I wasn’t losing it any more. I have much less hair in my drain and it's stayed thicker, easier to manage and healthier looking. HairXT has totally boosted my confidence. “

-Jennifer O. - Self Employed. San Antonio, Tx.  


"This past Wednesday I went to have my hair cut and my hairdresser mentioned to me that she saw lots of new growth – and not just at my front hairline! I had not mentioned that I was taking anything!!"

-Rachel C. - IBO. Houston, Tx