The Science

Sometimes all-natural products can get an unfair reputation of being less carefully-researched or formulated than their synthetic counterparts. People think the barrier to entry is lower for makers of natural supplements and cosmetics, so the product's efficacy is called into question. However, while it's true that we're not working with the budgets or agendas of large pharmaceutical companies, it is not true that we haven't rigorously pursued the most optimal combination of natural ingredients within a lab setting.

We chose our lab and manufacturing partners because of their tight focus on testing, safety, and results, and after a number of versions, we finally found the formulas that could consistently produce striking results. To do this, we relied on research into the science of hair growth to guide us to the ingredients that could naturally improve hair growth through follicle stimulation, strand thickening, and hair loss prevention.

The Triple Advantage


    Our products extended-release hair growth formulas contain a full spectrum micronutrient complex that supports hair follicles so that your hair grows faster and fuller.


    Both products contain an added layer of protection to shield your hair from environmental factors that can lead to weaker hair and more hair loss.


    We use high grade Pygeum Africanum and Saw Palmetto in both products which are proven to combat hair loss in men and women.












Unlike other hair products that simply grow your hair longer, our products use a 3-tier approach to help you regrow your hair, protect the hair you have, and prevent future hair loss. Not only does our formula promote the overall health of your follicles, it also increases you hair’s growth rate (and keeps it in that growing state for longer), leading to longer, fuller hair. Moreover, it protects your locks from the effects of DHT, which shortens the follicle lifespan and causes hair to fall out prematurely.

Our products work because they focus not on one or two ingredients but instead create the proper balance of many. Most other natural hair growth brands rely heavily on just one ingredient, like Biotin. However, too much Biotin (even in the recommended amounts) can cause side effects like acne, oily skin, and more serious problems. They also, alone, can't provide comprehensive protection and prevention. Just as a song sounds better when it's more than one or two notes, natural hair growth treatments work best when they are a symphony of ingredients, with many notes played at the right times and in the right amounts.

You can purchase the HairXT Vitamins and Serum independently, but they are specially formulated to bring you maximum benefit when used combined, nourishing your hair from both the inside and the outside.

“The nutrients in HairXT can help fill common ‘nutrient gaps’ in the diet. It’s like an insurance policy—helping to cover your body’s nutrient needs when you’re not taking in enough through diet alone. HairXT is formulated with nutrients that not only promote the health of your hair, but also benefits your overall health.

Many hair growth brands on the market today contain exclusively or rely heavily on biotin (vitamin B7), and although biotin contributes to the health of your hair, true hair health comes from a combination of nutrients applied internally and externally, like that offered by HairXT, supporting the overall health of your hair and scalp.”