Itchy Scalp Can Cause Hair Loss

Severe dermatological conditions are one of the major causes of hair loss. Usually accompanied by an itchy scalp, these conditions are known as seborrheic dermatitis and scalp psoriasis. Their symptoms are chronic itchiness, large flakes, and patches of hair loss. Furthermore, not only are they unpleasant for those who have it, but even for those around the person suffering from the condition. Not only does having an itchy scalp significantly impact your daily social interactions; but in most cases, once the underlying condition is cured, the hair begins to grow back.

While the root cause of an itchy scalp maybe dermatitis and psoriasis, it is not directly the cause of hair loss, but rather, a contributing factor. The hair loss that occurs in these conditions is the reaction of the patient to the treatment of the flaking and itching. Patients scratch away and remove the flakes during an itch, instead of trying to bear the feeling. This causes hair loss because the flakes are attached to the scalp and pulling them out damages the roots. There is also one other cause of hair loss associated with these conditions, and that is stress.

Allowing yourself to become overwhelmed when you are suffering from these conditions will only accelerated the rate of hair fall. The treatment of these conditions is therefore, crucial, because without any cure, it will start to spread.

Such conditions are always messy and stressful to deal with. The moment you think that your scalp feels itchier than normal, consult a dermatologist to get an accurate diagnosis as well as a treatment plan. While your scalp treatment is a gradual process, it will take time. For the time being, you can maintain the hair you do have, with our hair growth supplement.