7 Tips for Healthy Winter Hair

Caring for your hair in the winter 

As weather condition varies from season to season, hair can be damaged trying to adjust to the environment. It is very common to face some problems associated with the arrival of winter. During this cold and often windy season, you will see hair flying around that has a dull looking texture to it. With the cooling temperatures, you may be wondering, “What can be done to combat this and keep my hair healthy?”, as winter months can lead to a declining silky appearance. Well we are here for you with 7 tips for healthy hair in the winter!

Here are 7 helpful tips that will promote healthy hair during winter:

  • Wear your hat to protect your hair from snow, rain, and wind. If you want to avoid having the dreaded “hat hair”, applying a silk scarf will solve the problem. Never forget to put some sort of covering over your head when headed out in the cold.
  • Use effective conditioning treatments which have oil extracts. This will protect your hair from damage. Adding few drops of essential oils to your conditioner helps in bringing life to the roots.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. The appearance of your hair is affected by your water consumption. Be sure to drink sufficient water on a daily basis, even when its cold.
  • Trim your hair regularly. When winter comes a knocking, it doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your long locks. Every 6-8 weeks, just get a light dusting to the ends of your hair. This step will lessen the chance of having split ends.
  • For fly-away hair, it is recommended that people use high quality styling products. This will manage the impact of static electricity.
  • Look for products to moisturize your scalp. With a dry scalp, the possibility of lack of sebum production may arise. A quality moisturizer can put a stop to this or better yet, keep it from becoming an issue.
  • Wash your hair regularly with a sulfate free, plant based shampoo. Often times people think that they should wash their hair less often in the winter or can use a lower quality shampoo since it is exposed less. Keep in mind that when it is exposed, it is to harsher varied environments.

Applying these tips leading up to and through the winter months can save you a lot of heartache and set your hair up to be healthier during the warmer months when it can be more fun to show off! There’s no reason to go out with a dry hair. By simply following the above mentioned pointers, you can rest assured that you will be proud of your healthy hair year round!