A Fitness Model's Battle with Hair Loss


Nerissa FigueroaLooking at this beautiful, confident woman, you wouldn’t think that Nerissa Figueroa has too many concerns. She appears to epitomize good health. Even after having three adorable kids, she’s in top physical condition, competes in both stage and fitness competitions, teaches group and private fitness and has been featured in national magazines and websites. However, many of us can relate to her story because she’s overcome mountains to achieve the life she has and fights every day to maintain it. With her long, full head of hair, you certainly wouldn’t guess that she used to be concerned about going bald. But she’s got a comeback story that you’re going to want you to hear. We sat down with her to get the scoop.

HairXT: So, tell us how you got started in the fitness industry?

Nerissa: I had been pretty active my whole life. I remember as a kid in gym class, I loved athletics and challenges and I would always push myself. In high school, I got involved in the dance and softball teams and loved every minute. I thought I was too short to be a pro dancer, so after high school I got into group fitness instruction and eventually found figure and fitness competitions

HairXT: What inspired the fitness and stage competing, was there someone specific that you identified with?

Nerissa: I remember seeing Rachel McClish when I was younger and then seeing Cory Everson competing and winning. What I loved about them was that they were beautiful women who displayed strength. I loved that it was encouraging and said “it’s ok to be a woman, have curves, and be strong.” I LOVED it and wanted to be part of it!

HairXT: When did you do your first Fitness Competition?

Nerissa: I started training for my first one in December 2007 and competed in March 2008. It was called the “Copper Classic” in Tucson AZ. I placed 1st in Bikini and 2nd in Fitness. I was SO proud of myself! It was my first ever completion and after that I was hooked! I really thought I would be “one and done” but I liked the way it challenged me and kept me disciplined so much that it became part of my lifestyle, my identity. After that I kept competing and in August of 2008 I qualified to compete nationally.

HairXT: That’s when you turned Professional, correct? What was that like?

Nerissa: Not yet, I went on to several national competitions after that and then got my Pro Card by winning 1st Place in the WBFF Texas State Fitness Championship in 2012. I had been competing for 4 years, and this was the “Crème de la Crème” of Fitness competitions. I had worked so hard for it and I was very proud of myself. What’s important to understand is that I was not following a crazy diet or anything. I was eating extremely healthy and on a regular schedule. At one of my Doctor’s appointments my cardiologist actually said “I wish I had these numbers.” The only supplement I was taking at the time was a protein shake. But around that time I was diagnosed with Hypothyroid and Hashimoto’s disease and noticed my hair thinning.

HairXT: Wow, hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s? That must have been a serious blow. What was your reaction?

Nerissa: Well, leading up to this I remember noticing hair on my bathroom floor and on my clothes way back in 2009, but it wasn’t drastic and my hair didn’t look thin. I didn’t have bald spots on my head that I had to cover up so I just kind of blew it off. I just noticed my hair was coming out more but to look at it, it didn’t look thin. I first saw thinning in 2013. I saw it at the crown and the front… ehh… I still get anxiety thinking about it.

HairXT: That had to be difficult. How did you handle it?

Nerissa: It was a flood of insecurity. You’re doing things to make it look like you don’t have thin spots. You’re changing your hairstyle to cover up and make it look thicker. I was REALLY affected by it. As it was getting worse, my eyebrows got really thin and my lashes got short. It really started bothering me. I was getting upset and thinking I would lose my hair completely from the front. It was depressing… completely depressing.

HairXT: What methods did you first try to reverse your hair loss?

Nerissa: I went to my endocrinologist and he put me on a high dose of biotin. Which did help my hair grow faster, but it did nothing about helping with my hair loss. It was still falling out and that was my biggest concern. After that he recommended I try a hair, skin, and nail vitamins. Again, I noticed my hair growing faster and my nails were stronger but I was STILL losing my hair. I also noticed some acne, skin irritation, and eczema while taking these so I went to a dermatologist. She told me that could have been from the Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism but could also be from an imbalance from too much biotin. So she had me take Vitamin D and an Iron supplement and gave me a topical cream to apply daily. The topical was insanely expensive, even with insurance. There were a few other things I tried, but luckily I found HairXT and it was the only thing that actually reversed my hair loss and stopped it from falling out!

HairXT: Awesome! How did you find it?

Nerissa: I was at a networking event and met the owners. I spoke with them for a while to find out about their product. I was very skeptical at first, only because I had tried so many things with big claims that hadn’t worked, but I really grilled them for a while and they explained how HairXT was different; a complete and balanced formula, built to not just speed hair growth but combat thinning, stop hair from falling out, and protect the scalp… and it worked! It was fantastic!

HairXT: How long was it before you saw results?

Nerissa: Well, right away I noticed things like my nails got really strong and my eyebrows and lashes filling in. But the game changer for me was my hair stopped falling out in the first 2 weeks! And that felt incredible. I remember being in the shower and expecting to have handfuls of hair because that had been the norm, but it stopped falling out! After that it took a little under two months for my hair to fill in and not see my scalp showing, and at month three I had that thick full feeling in my hair back. But I was consistent with it… very consistent. I applied the serum and took two vitamins every day and made sure not to skip a day here or there. Every day, no exceptions. I really do feel that HairXT product line help me tremendously. I still use them and I can style my hair however I want and not be concerned about thin spots showing. It has really brought back my confidence.

HairXT: This is so amazing! We absolutely love hearing this. Thank you so much for sharing.

Nerissa: Well, thank you! I’ve been approached by many companies for sponsorships, interviews, and promotions. But I won’t promote a product I don’t believe in. Like I said, I was skeptical about the claims at first but when I saw the results… I mean, I wish someone had showed this to me sooner. I have to let people know about this product and all it has done for me. I fully believe in HairXT and how much it can help people with thinning hair.

HairXT: Thank you for your time, Nerissa. People are going to love this story.

Nerissa: Thank you, I just want to help people get their confidence back!

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