The Top 5 ½ Summer Hair Care Tips

We all love the summer months. Getting out to nature and enjoying sometime in the sun; Young or old, male or female, embarking on an adventure when the chill of winter yields to the fairer months is exciting to all. But as you head into endless summer escapades, be sure you’ve taken the proper steps to protect your hair. The mounting heat and torrid climates can take their toll and have a negative effect on your hair and scalp health. But have no fear! We’ve put together our top 5 ½ tips (you’ll see) to ensure the heat won’t leave your hair like the leaves of a tree this autumn.


  1. Don’t skip the shampoo: As you sweat, DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) from the sweat will sit on your scalp and damage the follicles. This will shorten the life cycles of your hair and can cause thinning. Be sure to wash your hair daily, especially after a workout or extended time in the heat. There are many that say washing your hair daily is a no, no. This fallacy comes from people using low quality products. Look for a sulfate free, plant based shampoo and you’ll see nothing but benefit for your hair. Luckily there are some fantastic vitamins out there that act as DHT blockers, so you can have follicle defense from the inside as well.
  2. Be consistent with conditioner: If we're talking shampoo we might as well tackle conditioner. It makes sense to use a conditioner after washing, but there are spray-in conditioners that you can apply when you’re on the go. This will help your hair from drying out. A good one will even contain much needed components to support over all scalp health. If you selected your shampoo well, chances are there are matching conditioners that will supplement your hair and scalp health routine well. Be sure to talk to your stylist about the best products for your hair type that will support the look(s) you want.
  3. Go with the flow:
    1. For the ladies; Summer is obviously going to bring the heat. No need to pile on with additional treatments. Blowouts can be fun, but going with a more natural laid back style can suit the scene for summertime. Try a fishtail braid, a ponytail (uniquely placed can be sure to get attention), or even some fun pigtails for the right occasion. And be sure to use a nozzle if you blow dry. We all know the value of protection for your locks; just know that having the metal right next to your hair is sure to cause damage.
    2. For the fellas; Hats, ball caps, and other headwear are fun in the right setting, but women love to see a man run his fingers through his hair (or run theirs through) and an obstacle is that last thing you want to present. If it an attempt to shade your eyes from the sun, get a hot pair of shades and let the breeze flow through your hair. Try to minimize the styling products you use to go with a more carefree look. If you’re concerned about thinning or male pattern baldness, know there are plenty of options that can help combat their onset, regardless of your ancestor’s fate.
  4. Combat bed head: If you’ve ever tried to grow your hair out, you know about the point where your hair just stops. One of the causes of this can be the tangles and knots that result from getting the beauty sleep we all need. Especially if you’ve been in out and of air conditioning all day. This changing in climates will take its toll and leave your hair ready to break. There are several ways to fight this; You can braid it, use a couple of hair ties to keep it in one flowing stream, or tie it into an updoo. If you’ve ever missed a good night’s sleep, you know the importance of rest. Take these actions to let your hair get some too.
  5. Get a light trim every 3-4 weeks: We’re not talking about a cut. More like an eighth of an inch or less off all the way around. This is often referred to as “dusting” as the amount trimmed is so small that it resembles dust in the air. This is paramount during the heated months if you are trying to grow your hair. It may seem counterintuitive if that’s the goal, but the dog days of summer can be treacherous to your hair and leave it dry and damaged. A light trim can help keep your mane healthy and strong.

So there you have it. Try a few of these this year and watch your hair be thicker, healthier and more full of life than ever before! 


Photo credit: Copyright: <a href=''>wavebreakmediamicro / 123RF Stock Photo</a>