"...will it work for men?"

HairXT100 for men.

Since launching HairXT100 vitamins in 2011, we’ve helped countless people grow their hair out, bring fullness & life back to it, and combat the thinning of their mane… and all of this in a drug free formula. In that time, we’ve also answered many questions through our online and social media outlets or face to face at the many educational events we’ve held at our retailers and expos we’ve been so fortunate to be part of. Doing all of this has helped us break many myths and spread some truth about hair and scalp health. We’re so appreciative of the interactions we’ve had with our customers as it lets us know the concerns that exist and aren’t being addressed. This is why we wanted to take some time and speak to the number one question we receive; “Does HairXT100 work for men?”

Absolutely, unequivocally, yes.

HairXT100 was formulated with a 3 pronged approach to hair and scalp health that both men and women will benefit from. First, our formula has a very broad micronutrient complex. Many say it is almost a complete multivitamin. This was done to ensure hair growth happens as fast as possible. Next, the tablets are packed with antioxidants to extend the life cycles of your hair. So not only is your growth stage fast, but happening much longer than it would otherwise. Lastly, and most importantly for our male customers; DHT (dihydrotestosterone – a derivative of testosterone) is the number one cause of hair loss in men today. Our herbal complex of Saw Palmetto & Pygeum Africanum is built in to block DHT from initiating the male pattern baldness effects so many men today.

If you or a man you know would be interested in trying HairXT100 at an introductory rate for their first order, e-mail our VP of Marketing (Brandon) with the subject ‘HairXT100 for men’. Help us spread the word about this amazing product line.