4 Reasons to Choose HairXT Over Hairfinity

High quality at a fair price, plus free U.S. shipping. Free shipping is unavailable under $75 
We focus on re-growth of current hair AND dormant follicles, protection of your current hair AND combating future hair loss. Hairfinity focuses only on
re-growth of current hair—not growth of dormant follicles.
We focus on creating the right balance of vitamins and nutrients in all of our products, with a focus on bioavailability through an extended-release process. Many of Hairfinity's products contain imbalanced nutrients, including an excess of Biotin. This can commonly cause pimples along with other side effects. 
Try HairXT risk-free for 90 days! No money-back guarantee.

HairXT is firmly committed to bringing you the highest-value product available on the market at a fair price. Unlike many other hair growth companies, we don’t add any costly fluff to our products like “proprietary” ingredient formulas which just allow them to charge you more. Instead, we carefully select only the highest-quality, most concentrated ingredients packed into our daily serum and two-a-day vitamins. We also offer free U.S. shipping on all orders, whereas our competitors often up-charge you unless you opt into a subscription.

Hair loss is a complex issue and as such, we take a 3-tier approach to getting you your best possible head of hair. Many other products focus only on growing your current hair faster and do little to support reinvigorating dormant follicles, but we formulate our products to protect the hair you still have AND combat future hair loss. Plus, we’ve formulated not one, but two products that will work independently to give you results. Used together, they are an unmatched force - both employing the 3-tier approach and working from the inside out to give you optimal results.

Many of our competitors use sugar, chemicals or excess biotin in their products -- all of which can cause unwanted side effects like acne, sexual dysfunction, weight gain, etc. We’ve chosen to take the path of creating formulas that only contain natural, good-for-you vitamins and nutrients in both our serum and vitamins that vasodilate, which means they bring more blood to the follicle and allow for more nutrient absorption. Additionally, unlike several of our competitors, our HairXT Vitamin is extended-release formula, meaning it delivers the vitamins over an extended period of time so that it doesn’t simply flush through your system within an hour or two. This ensures bioavailability so that the nutrients will actually enter your bloodstream and get to work!

Unlike many of our competitors, you don’t have to take a huge risk by trying out our products. We feel so confident that you’ll love the results you get with HairXT that we offer you a 90-day risk free trial on our products. If for some reason you’re unhappy with the results after 90 days, we’ll issue you a full refund, no questions asked. All you pay is return shipping from the carrier of your choosing.