Hair Loss After Chemo

Cancer is no joke and the rapid hair loss after those grueling chemotherapy sessions can take a toll on any individual’s self esteem. The strong medication attacks cancer cells and growing cells alike including those in hair roots, but the volume lost can vary; some people lose all of the hair on their body besides their scalp while others can lose it in clumps. The good news is that most of the hair can re-grow a few months after chemo ends, even though it might be a bit different in texture or color.

Once the treatments start, your scalp might feel a little tender or itchy. You’ll notice some strands on your pillow when you wake up in the morning or in your hairbrush, bathtub or shower drain after taking a shower. These symptoms might occur two to four weeks after the sessions start and may continue a few weeks after it as well. How much hair you lose will depend on the severity of your chemo sessions.

Most people who undergo this treatment say that the most stressful part is not the discomfort, but rather their bald/patchy scalp when they look at themselves in the mirror. The baldness acts as a cruel reminder of their illness and everything they went through after they were diagnosed with the terrible disease.

Fortunately, the strong medication does not leave the scalp or follicles infertile. You can expect a full head of hair after 6 months max, which will only seem a little different temporarily. If you have straight hair, you can see curly locks and vice versa. Grey strands are not uncommon after chemo either, but are typically temporary; once the pigmentation cells begin to work their magic again, you will get your normal hair color back.

There are many other causes of hair loss but this one is considered the most traumatic. Thankfully, it is not permanent.